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Zinc - Zinc-aluminum-cadmium Alloy Strip - Wanlutong Metal Group

WanLuTong Metal is the world's first cross-border network platform for non-ferrous metals industry.
The aim is to provide a seamless solution for the non-ferrous metal product chain.
We are committed to creating online negotiation matchmaking, cross-border network procurement, warehousing and logistics, online multi-language interview and communication and a series of one-stop trading service platforms.
Zinc alloys are used in the automotive manufacturing and machinery industries. Zinc has suitable mechanical properties. The strength and hardness of zinc itself is not high, but after adding alloy elements such as aluminum and copper, its strength and hardness are greatly improved. It is like the appearance of zinc-copper-titanium alloys, and its comprehensive mechanical properties have approached or reached that of aluminum alloys, yellow The level of copper and gray cast iron, its creep resistance is also greatly improved.
Many zinc alloys have excellent processing performance, excellent medium-pressure performance, deep drawing, and self-lubrication, which prolongs the life of the mold. Welding can be performed by brazing or resistance welding or arc welding, and the surface can be plated and coated. Lacquered, good cutting performance. It has superior superplastic properties under certain conditions.
Brass composed of zinc, copper, tin and lead, used in the machinery manufacturing industry. A zinc plate containing a small amount of lead and cadmium can be made into a zinc-manganese dry battery negative electrode, a printed zinc plate, a powder-corroded photographic plate, and an offset printing plate.
Zinc alloy is an alloy composed of zinc and other elements. The alloying elements often added are low-temperature zinc alloys such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, and titanium.
Zinc alloy has low melting point, good fluidity, easy welding, brazing and plastic processing, corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, and easy recovery and remelting of residues; however, its creep strength is low and it is easy to cause dimensional changes due to natural aging. Prepared by melting, die-casting or pressure processing.
Zinc-Aluminum-Cadmium alloy strips are mainly used: zinc-aluminum-cadmium alloy sacrificial anodes are suitable for anti-corrosion of metal in ships, machinery and equipment, marine engineering and seaport facilities in low seawater medium, pipelines and cables in low resistivity soil Cathodic protection.
The Internet + collectivize nonferrous metal direct sale is a high-tech enterprise integrating smelting, spectral analysis, casting, extrusion, stretching, processing and eddy current testing of copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, tin, lead, cadmium and other non-ferrous metals.
Business scope: The company produces copper and aluminum products and copper alloys, tin bronze, phosphor bronze, lead bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon bronze, manganese bronze, beryllium bronze, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and nickel alloy in strict accordance with international standards, Plates, coils, foils, strips, rods, tubes, ingots, and profiles of tin alloys, titanium alloys, zinc alloys, molybdenum alloys, zirconium alloys, etc.
The company's zinc alloy plate、Zinc Alloy Sheet、Zinc Alloy Strip、Zinc Alloy Rod、Zinc Alloy Foil、Zinc Alloy Tube、Zinc Alloy Wire、、Zinc Alloy Sacrificial Anode、Casting Zinc Alloy、Zinc-aluminum Alloy Wire、Zinc-copper Alloy Wire、Zinc Alloy Strip、Zinc-copper Alloy Strip、Zinc-aluminum Alloy Sheet、Zinc-aluminum Alloy Strip、Zinc-aluminum Alloy Rod、Zinc-aluminum Alloy Tube、Zinc-tin Alloy Rod、Zinc-tin Alloy Wire、Zinc-tin Alloy Sheet、Zinc-tin Alloy Strip、Zinc-tin Alloy Foil、Zinc-copper Alloy Sheet、Zinc-copper Alloy Rod、Zinc-copper Alloy Wire、Zinc-copper Alloy Tube、Zinc-iron Alloy Rod、Zinc-iron Alloy Wire、Zinc-iron Alloy Sheet、Zinc-iron Alloy Strip、Zinc-iron Alloy Foil、Zinc-iron Alloy Tube、Zinc-aluminum-cadmium Alloy Sheet、Zinc-aluminum-cadmium Alloy Strip、Zinc-aluminum-cadmium Alloy Rod、Zinc-aluminum-cadmium Alloy Wire、Zinc-aluminum-cadmium Alloy Tubeseries products produced in strict accordance with international standards have been directly exported to the world through the Internet + Group Non-ferrous Metals.
Advantages of Produce, Supply, Marketing and Logistics
1. Huge global marketing team. WanLuTong Metal has a good external marketing environment and industry reputation after more than ten years of actual accumulation of global production, supply and marketing trade.
2. Adopting strategic marketing of Internet alliance, realizing group production, supply, marketing and logistics, lightening the burden of industry, reducing costs, solving the current situation of insufficient international marketing personnel for enterprises, truly letting enterprises realize free production, and transferring the remaining to WanLuTong Metals.
3. Professional international marketing team, free service technical solutions, free freight forwarding, free shipping, integration of fragmentation industry modules, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
4. On-line and off-line negotiation and signing contracts. All kinds of specifications, special specifications and special customization.
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