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WanLuTong Metal is the world's first cross-border network platform for non-ferrous metals industry.
The aim is to provide a seamless solution for the non-ferrous metal product chain.
We are committed to creating online negotiation matchmaking, cross-border network procurement, warehousing and logistics, online multi-language interview and communication and a series of one-stop trading service platforms.
Lead has low melting point, good corrosion resistance, large specific gravity, X-ray and γ-ray, etc., which are difficult to penetrate, good processing performance, large thermal expansion coefficient, and often used in lead or lead foil and lead pipe, etc. Industrial sectors such as batteries and radioactive materials are used as materials for acid resistance, corrosion resistance and protection.
Lead is widely used in various industries, and is used to manufacture batteries in large quantities; in the acid and industrial industries, lead plates and lead pipes are used as lining protection equipment; in the electrical industry, cable sheathing and fuses are used. Lead-tin alloys containing tin and antimony are used for printing movable type, lead-tin alloys are used for the manufacture of fusible lead electrodes, and lead plates and lead-tin-plated steel sheets are used in the construction industry.
Lead foil can be used for protective layers and shields for atomic energy and X-rays. There are a variety of specifications, users can choose different thickness of lead plates according to the energy of the ray machine. Lead foil material can be used as needed for lead foil, storage, packaging, cooking, and laboratory use. Lead foil is also used in the electroplating industry for electrodes and fisheries.
The main element of lead foil is lead, so the lead foil has various physical and chemical properties similar to lead. Lead is a metal element that can be used as a material resistant to sulfuric acid corrosion, anti-gaming radiation, batteries, and the like. Its alloy can be used as a typeface, bearing, cable foreskin, etc., and can also be used as a sports equipment shot.
Internet + collectivize direct sale of nonferrous metals. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating smelting, spectral analysis, casting, extrusion, stretching, processing and eddy current testing of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, tin, lead and cadmium.
Business scope: Enterprises strictly in accordance with international standards to produce copper, aluminum products and copper alloys, tin bronze, phosphorus bronze, lead bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon bronze, manganese bronze, beryllium bronze, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, nickel alloy, tin alloy, titanium alloy, zinc alloy, molybdenum alloy, zirconium alloy and other materials such as plate, coil, foil, strip, bar, tube, ingot, profiles.
The company has a professional large-scale production base, using German imported direct reading spectrometer, Japan universal tensile testing machine and Brinell digital hardness tester, Switzerland imported eddy current flaw detector and other international advanced testing equipment, strictly controlling the material, hardness and each Mechanical properties.
Lead ingots, electrolytic lead, high-purity lead ingots, lead plates, lead bricks, lead strips, lead foils, lead rods, lead wires, lead pipes, lead pellets, lead pellets, etc., which have been produced in strict accordance with international standards, have passed the Internet + Grouped non-ferrous metals are sold online to the world.
Advantages of Produce, Supply, Marketing and Logistics
1. Huge global marketing team. WanLuTong Metal has a good external marketing environment and industry reputation after more than ten years of actual accumulation of global production, supply and marketing trade.
2. Adopting strategic marketing of Internet alliance, realizing group production, supply, marketing and logistics, lightening the burden of industry, reducing costs, solving the current situation of insufficient international marketing personnel for enterprises, truly letting enterprises realize free production, and transferring the remaining to WanLuTong Metals.
3. Professional international marketing team, free service technical solutions, free freight forwarding, free shipping, integration of fragmentation industry modules, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
4. On-line and off-line negotiation and signing contracts. All kinds of specifications, special specifications and special customization.
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